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Red Box
Red Box is a project of Jeremy Levine. This is a modern building which was renovated by adding a second floor to the existing house. Modern ecological technologies make the project an ecological instance in architecture. The Red Box looks directly across the city to the famous Griffith Observatory high atop the Hollywood Hills.
Project name: Red Box
Location: Eagle Rock, CA
Client: Francisco Lopez Construction
Project Type: 2d floor added to the one floor home
Architects: Jeremy Levine
Plans and vectors: The whole project includes active use of the landscape. Main preferences: recycled lumber & sustainably harvested lumber, solar chimney, mobile sunscreens, recycled tile, drought-tolerant landscaping.
Designer: Jeremy Levine Design
Contractor: Francisco Lopez Construction
Structural Engineer: Micheal Ciortea
phone: +1-123-456-7890

Wilshire Blvd 11A, Los Angeles
Photo credits: Jeremy Levine
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